Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hi people, we finally masterized the 3 studio albums that Kara's Flowers recorded between 1994 and 1999. The songs are in mp3 format, the rest of the albums will be uploaded soon.  Enjoy!

Kara's Flowers - We Like Digging?


Kara's Flowers - The Fourth World


Kara's Flowers - Stagg Street Recordings


Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane Demos



Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hi people, we finally got our social networks active! 
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

post-everything (discarded)

*old edit*
So over the year or so, I've reflected many times on Maroon 5/Kara's Flowers. I guess it's sort of crazy what I've been through now that the day is through. So how about the new album V? It was decent at best. Sugar was the best song honestly... It wasn't any better than Overexposed. It wasn't the 'darker back-to-roots' album we'd been told it would be. There's supposed to be a V reissue and currently, one of the newer songs is titled This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker. I can't say it's bad, but.... what the fuck is with the name???? I'm done.... it sounds like some cheap "fun summer song".... I hope maybe it's something like this... That's just me. But anyways, I'm not here to really rant. I mean... I guess Maroon 5 has always been changing like this. 1994 with the whole grunge phase? 1997 with the power pop phase? 1999 with the more-of-whatever-goes phase? 2002 with the neo-soul movement going on? 2007 with the more electronic-synth sound phase? 2010 with the pop phase? 2012 + with the radio friendly phase..... They've always been following the trend. I guess it's a matter of bringing back the neo-soul movement... But I guess now I've been slowly coming to realize that Maroon 5 are just losing their magic

*modern day edit*
It was a disappointment. Will I ever re-update this? Someday.... I'm starting to wonder what would've happened had Ryan Dusick not left... I mean, really.... this was a guy who liked classic rock bands like Black Sabbath.... what would've happened? One of the supposed songs going to be on the V reissue is titled 'These Days', written by Adam and Jesse... could it be this song we are talking about? I'd hope so.... but then again... if Shellback had any say on this, I think I'm fine with the original....

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Everyday Goodbyes and Farewells....

If you only knew, what I went through now my day is through...

So this page is pretty much done with. I'll still respond to e-mails and give you the live songs in my inventory and what not, but this page is over. I've been digging the internet to find anything for the rare live Kara's Flower's songs, but I came to no luck. I found out that the person who originally made the Simple Kind of Lovely fan page quit because she didn't like the direction Maroon (at the time) were going and none of the members besides Mickey said thank you for helping them get gigs and maintaining the fan site. I realized she had a point. Kara's Flowers had a lot going with Stagg Street Recordings. Songs About Jane was good. But they've gone "backwards". Their newer material is a lot simpler in my opinion. Their newest promotional single, It Was Always You, is very simple. I tabbed out the song and it's only four chords. SOAP DISCO WAS MORE SOPHISTICATED THAN THE NEW SONG!!! SOAP DISCO!!!! It saddens me that their will most likely never be a Kara's Flowers 20th Anniversary CD or something like that. They've since moved on to four chord songs to appeal to more audiences. As markwakinghours said back when they were changing their style and name to Maroon,

"They have lost many old fans and gained many new fans so I guess as far as they are concerned they have what they need... fans. As long as they don't lose all the fans they don't care, right?"

I guess that's true. So I'm going to stop updating this page unless Maroon 5 announces something about Kara's Flowers (5% chance at best). I've put days of my life into this website, trying to get the facts straight and making everything about Kara's Flowers more accessible (I tried my best, but I never got a hold on how to organize the web page). My work here is done. I still hope Maroon 5 can go back to their old roots and stop with the dance pop, but that's not the case. You bet I'm going to buy their new album V. But somebody needs to remind Adam Levine or any the band members about the first song on their first demo ever, Peeler. If what they say is true that song is about Adam Levine saying he would never sell out, then...*sigh*

- edit (8-1-14): It also sucks that one of the members (I think Ryan) dismissed Stagg Street and The Fourth World only about two years after Stagg Street Recordings was released.....

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kara's Flowers Tidbit #1

Sorry for not writing in this as often... I'm busy recording music and high school life and what not. I'm too busy to even update the Soundcloud page. So.... sometimes I get bored and have all night sessions looking at every website that mentions Kara's Flowers to find some information about their demos or songs or whatever. I always keep it to myself and then I realized, "I made this blog so I could share information and songs about Kara's Flowers!" So I guess this is going to be a thing now. Anyways, I found this interesting piece that Sam Farrar wrote while I was looking up random stuff....

we are talking 20 years at this point. we all grew up together in LA. played shows as teenagers. toured together. we lived in the same households. i still have the Kara’s Flowers’ first demo on a goddam cassette. 

Okay, so he has the first Kara's Flowers demo. That's cool. What's your point? My point is... as far as I know... the only thing by KF released on cassette was the Soap Disco single (which I am a proud owner of). Even then, we're talking about the first demo and I'm pretty sure ...We Like Digging? was their first demo. Either that was released on cassette, they made a demo before that (which we'll probably NEVER hear) or it's a slow news day. Probably the latter. If it's the middle one, hopefully they release some songs on their unofficial Kara's Flowers 20th Anniversary Deluxe CD Package (which will probably never come either). So, thanks for reading for this long. To make it up, here's some picture I found from 1994.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We Are Now On Soundcloud!!!

You can now listen to Kara's Flowers music on Soundcloud here. We'll post their discography very soon, but to start it off, we've posted 'My Ocean Blue' live from the KCRW radio show they did and 'Heads of Them' from the Whisky's show they did in 1995. Some other live songs will follow after this post, so "check it out and see what it's all about!!!"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

20 Years of Kara's Flowers

On February 6, 1994....
Kara's Flowers was born. While Adam doesn't think much of Kara's Flowers, I'm sure everyone else does. From tracks like 'Leave A Message', 'Myself'' or 'Everyday Goodbyes', they won over the people of Southern California. Sure they had rough times like the tour with 'The Fourth World', but what about all those good times? Playing their first show at the Whisky's in 1995? Going to Five Towns college where Adam and Jesse found their true potential? Playing new songs during of 1999 such as 'However Whatever' or 'July'. They seem to be forgetting all those times they had. You can hear the emotion when they play songs like 'Everyday Goodbyes'. Yet, Adam still consists that Kara's Flowers wasn't anything special. People say that their lyrics were 'rudimentary'. So, the song 'Peeler' wasn't a statement by Adam that he was never going to 'peel' away from the crowd and sell out like other artists do or that 'Ray Pim' isn't a song about how Adam feels like he is killing time until he "makes it" and the themes such as loneliness, isolation and boredom are nonsense? The thing is, you have to understand what they mean in order to "get it". 'Loving The Small Time' is a song about finally having local success (Keep in mind this was late 1994, around the time they sold around 500 copies of '...We Like Digging?') "Myself" is about not letting drugs get the best of them and how they've seen "all those remedies" and although they have "choked" on all those remedies, they will maintain self control and "have their health". While some songs like 'Clomb' or 'Give Me Love' appear to make no sense, they where just doing what their favorite artists were doing. But anyways, Kara's Flowers truly is amaing. Sure, The Fourth World sold bad, but when you have zero to no promotion and your tours consist of ska fans (as opposed to power pop fans), you won't get good results. So.... sorry for the long post. I just love Kara's Flowers. I wish I could hear all their material (However Whatever, Give My Life, etc) and I'm sure we all do. The Fourth World was re-released on their 10th anniversary in 2004, so who knows what could happen... Hopefully, it's not re-released XD   But yeah, happy 20th anniversary to Kara's Flowers. I'm always adding minor fixes to the blog, so if you think I never check this, I do. I always check my email, so if you ever need the live version of 'Everyday Goodbyes' or you happen to have a bootleg of a Kara's Flowers show, hit me up. As always, all things must pass. I wish I could surprise you guys with a live version of 'Not Falling Apart' or something like that, but I always like to share any songs as soon as I get it, so I can't really give you anything but this long paragraph. So, goodbye!!!!