Monday, June 17, 2013

Kara's Flowers Promo Items And Imports

The Fourth World Promo Items And Imports:

Kara's Flowers Soap Disco DJ Promo:
Given in very few quantities for radio station programmers for use of radio play or remixing, though it's mainly for the former.

Kara's Flowers Import 'Soap Disco' Single w/ 2 Non LP Tracks:
 This was sold overseas with the following tracks: Soap Disco, Captain Splendid, Yesterday When I Was Handsome, and Buddy "Two Shoes" Wilson.

Kara's Flowers 'Soap Disco' Single Vinyl:
This was sold throughout record stores in the U.S. and was made in few quantities. This 45 RPM vinyl came with Soap Disco on side 1 and Captain Splendid on side 2.

 Kara's Flowers 'Soap Disco' Bubble Blower:
This was presumably given out for free, but there isn't much information on it, so it's a mystery.

Kara's Flowers 'The Fourth World' Press Kit:
One of the more common promo items, this promotional press kit comes with a 8 x 10 photo of the band members and a two page biography.

 Kara's Flowers 'Soap Disco' Single Radio Mix:
This was given out in very few quantities to radio programmers for radio play. This has one track, Soap Disco, although it's a rare Hammond B-3 mix.

 Kara's Flowers 'The Fourth World' Poster Promo:
Another one of the more common Kara's Flowers promo items, this is a 24 x 24 poster.


Kara's Flowers 'The Fourth World' Poster Promo:
This 12 x 12 poster was made in few quantities.

Stagg Street Recordings Promo Items:
Kara's Flowers 'Sticker':
 A sticker sold at Kara's Flowers shows or on their official website for $1.