Friday, November 1, 2013

Revenge Of The Kill Toys (song)

This song was recorded during the OMAD recording sessions in 1995 and intended for the 12 track album . Similar to Future Kid, it depicts "children's toys coming to life and vengefully waging war on their owners for treating them like property." It was written after viewing the Dr. Who episode "The Celestial Toymaker" and a number of horror movies. It was scrapped along with Ray Pim during The Fourth World sessions to achieve a more "mature" sound. Currently, no recording is in circulation. (Thanks to Chloe Govan for the information)

Omad Demo Tape

After Kara's Flowers was discovered while playing the Malibu beach on January 1, 1995, they recorded a 12 track album with Omad Records. The tracks included the following in no particular order:

01. Future Kid
02. Revenge Of The Killer Toys
03. The Never Saga
04. Soap Disco
05. Captain Splendid
06. Sleepy Windbreaker
07. Myself
08. To Her With Love
09. Oliver
10. Ray Pim
11. Loving The Small Time
12. Pantry Queen

After John and Tommy (the record owners) realized that Kara's Flowers could achieve more success with support from a bigger label, they looked for record labels who would pick up the band, so the album (which was finished) was dropped. It is said to be "raw" and better than The Fourth World album itself. (Thanks to Chloe Govan for the information)