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Kara's Flowers Q&A

These are questions I have wondered myself and I realized maybe other people have thought questions like these to, so I'm doing the best I can to answer them.
Last Updated; 1-5-13
Q: Who or what is Kara's Flowers?
A: Kara's Flowers is a band formed by Adam, Jesse, Mickey and Ryan formed in 1994.

Q: What are the names of the member in Kara's Flowers?
A: Adam Levine, Ryan Dusick, Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden.

Q: What instruments do they play?
A: Adam Levine - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Jesse Carmichael - Guitar/Piano
Mickey Madden - Bass
Ryan Dusick - Drums

Q: What is the name of their official debut album?
A: The Fourth World.

Q: Is it available for purchase?
A: Yes, you can buy it off of Amazon or eBay.

Q: I heard they have unreleased EP's/albums, is this true?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I buy those?
A: Well, maybe. If you are lucky.

Q:What do you mean by "if you are lucky"?
A: Because they (Stagg Street Recordings and We Like Digging?) were made in limited quantities since they were self-released and they go for high prices when they are for sale. That is, if they are on sale, which is very rare.

Q: Then how do I get it?
A: You can download them off of a website.

Q: Which one?
A: I don't know. Most of their discography is on YouTube if that helps.

Q: What are the names of their albums in chronological order from when they were released?
We Like Digging (1994)
Room #222 Demos (1994)
The Fourth World B-Sides (1996-7)
The Fourth World (1997)
Four Track Demonstrations (1998)
Stagg Street Recordings (1999)
Post Stagg Street Songs (Fall 1999)

Q: How come some of the songs sound terrible?
A: Because the only available versions we have are the low quality demos. The other reason could be the fact that they were recorded unprofessionally.

Q: Do Kara's Flowers still do concerts?
A: No they do not. They disbanded in 2001.

Q: Why did they disband?
A: After going to Five Towns College, the sound of Kara's Flowers changed and they didn't keep in contact with Kara that much, so they changed.

Q: Where are they now?
A: They are now known as Maroon 5.

Q: Do they play songs from their days as Kara's Flowers?
A: No. They (mostly Adam) don't like to remember their days from Kara's Flowers.

Q: Do you know how some of the Post-Stagg Street songs sound like?
A: However Whatever is described as a sensual song, Just Tell Me One Thing is described as a rock and roll song and Give My Life is described as country-ish and we have no idea what Keep Your Head sounds like.

Q: We Like Digging? What album is that?
A: The first album recorded by Kara's Flowers in their friend's attic (or basement depending on who you ask).

Q: Give me those songs!
A: All the songs were uploaded on YouTube.

Q: So, while we are talking about We Like Digging?, how about that demo tape Room #222 Demos....Where does this go in the Kara's Flowers discography?
A: The Room #222 Demos were recorded in late fall of 1994 after the We Like Digging? album sold to critical acclaim (amongst their friends). They recorded these demos to satisfy them even more.

Q: How did you get these songs?
A: The Fourth World - this one's pretty obvious.
Stagg Street Recordings - People uploaded the songs on to Napster, people downloaded them...etc..
We Like Digging? - Purchased from eBay and uploaded by this awesome guy.
As for the other "albums", I have no clue. It is said that someone that was friends with Kara's Flowers acquired Four Track Demonstrations from them and well, things go from one person to another for quite a while. The Post Stagg Street Songs were acquired through cassettes that recorded the concerts in which the songs were performed. As for The Fourth World B-Sides and Room #222 Demos, we don't know how most of these songs were acquired. Maybe from the internet.

Q: They acquired songs from the internet? Which websites?
A: Kara's Flowers had quite a fan base on the old version of Napster (ranging from all these songs, live recordings, early SAJ demos, etc.), LimeWire is also another a good guess.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kara's Flowers Discography (Complete)

...We Like Digging? (1994): 
1. Peeler
...We Like Digging?
2. Give Me Love
4. Stable
7. Miner
9. Clomb
10. Genius

Room #222 Demos (1994):   
1. On My Show
1. Angel In Blue Jeans
The Fourth World
2. Come Talk With Me
3. Grave Condition
4. The Powers That Be
5. Yesterday When I Was Handsome
6. Good Evening Dr Nothing
7. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson

The Fourth World (1997):
1. Soap Disco
2. Future Kid
3. Myself
4. Oliver
5. The Never Saga
6. Loving The Small Time
7. To Her, With Love
8. Sleepy Windbreaker
9. Pantry Queen
10. My Ocean Blue
11. Captain Splendid
12. Buddy Two Shoes Wilson (Bonus Japanese Track)

Four-Track Demonstration (1998):
1. If You Only Knew 
2. The Fog
3. Simple Kind of Lovely
4. The Great Getaway
5. Good at Being Gone
6. Not Falling Apart
7. The Kid with the Velvet Eyes
8. As Things Collide
9. Everyday Goodbyes
10. A Day in the Life (Out-take)
1. July
2. However Whatever  
3. Just Tell Me One Thing
4. Give My Life
5. Keep Your Head
6. These Days
7. My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore
8. Creation  
9. Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker)
10. Chilly Winter
11. Funky
12. The City Small