Friday, February 15, 2013

Post-Stagg Street Songs by Kara's Flowers

Track Listing:
1. July
2. However Whatever
3. Just Tell Me One Thing
4. Give My Life 
5. Keep Your Head
6. These Days
7. My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore
8. Creation(?)
9. Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker)
10. Chilly Winter
11. Funky(?)
12. The City Small (?)

These are songs recorded after Stagg Street Recordings. However, in some cases, some of the songs such as July or These Days are said to have been on Stagg Street Recordings demo CD. Whether this is true or not is unknown. All these songs were performed during fall of 1999.

July (also known as Punctuality in some cases) was first performed on July 17, 1999.

However Whatever:
Performed on the first time on Sept. 4, 1999 and described as a sensual and rudimentary song, the only existing lyrics are these; "Whatever you wanted this to be, I fear my dear you'll never see, I see the plastic in your eyes..."

Just Tell Me One Thing:
Described as a rock and roll song, not much is known about it.

Give My Life:
Described as a country-ish song, it was first performed on November 5, 1999 at the L.A. Farmer's Market.

Keep Your Head:
Nothing is known about this song, but it said to be have one of the most emotional lyrics ever written by Adam Levine.

These Days: 
Performed for the first time on Sept. 4, 1999.

My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore:
Performed for the first time on December 17, 1999 at The Whisky, it was later released on the 10th anniversary of the Songs About Jane disc.

As with Keep Your Head, not much is known about this song or if it exists. It may be another name for Just Tell Me One Thing or Keep Your head.

Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker):
According to an online chat with Mickey, this song is "an ancient demo from before SAJ it's highly unfinished". That only means that this must've been a KF song. This and the next two songs all come together in a way.

Chilly Winter:
In February of 2000, Kara's Flowers went with MCA records to record an album quality 3-track demo. This song along with possible songs like Locked Up, Take What You Want, Ragdoll and Funky may have been part of the tape, though it is unknown which songs were on the demo.

This song is described as nothing more than a myth. But if it exists, it is definitely a Kara's Flowers song made in their late years. It may have been part of the 3-track demo for the MCA demos.

The City Small:
The same applies to this song. Lyrics exist, although it is unknown whether or not these are actually by Maroon 5.


  1. Do you know where I could find post stagg street recordings from.

    1. Few can be found on the blog's official SoundCloud
      However, many songs are not in circulation due to being live only songs. Sorry about that.

  2. Do you know if I could find them on napster otlr limewire or any other website NOW.ONLY the post stagg songs.

    1. Most likely not. Napster and Limewire are both long gone. Even if you could get through the buggy interface, the downloads would probably no longer be active. Sad to say, but we've tried just about everything.

  3. Oh ok,but there not on ebay either because I looked it up,how do you plan on finding them.If you are lucky enough.

    1. I started this blog in eighth grade when I was bored and had tons of free time. i spent day and night searching through old message boards and Yahoo! clubs to find something. I never did find anything. Believe me, I searched hard for these songs. It wasn't some half-assed job where I gave up after twenty minutes. I spent nights after nights searching the hundreds of Google pages and used Wayback Machine to look for something. Three years or so later and I guess I've long given up searching for anything. Now, having picked up guitar and bass, I just rather enjoy the music that was Kara's Flowers. I used to hope for a '20th Anniversary Kara's Flowers CD' (which "should've" happened a year ago), but not so much anymore. I presume that because you've just found my blog, you have also just somewhat found out about Kara's Flowers. I know you want to listen to everything they have, which reminds me of.... well, me a few years ago. But believe me, I've gone through hell and back trying to find any of these songs. I guess I've accepted I may not hear them, but I still do try to check here and there. Cheers mate, it's not the end of the world once you realize you may never hear these songs, as good as people from 1999 Yahoo! chats may have said they were.

    2. I understand.I have found a yahoo memver who owns songs like
      However Whatever,Just tell me one thing,and Give my life i emailed her and asked if she could send me them.I will let you know once she responds 😄😄

    3. I'm afraid that if it is what I'm thinking, then you may have messaged someone whose email is no longer active (being from the early 00's and all). I've been down that road many times, being met with "not able to be delivered" emails. I wish you best of luck in your journey and I hope you have better luck than me.

  4. Ok Thanks I'll keep praying that I find those songs.

  5. Hey I have some good news. I just found the lyrics to a kara's Flowers song called "Give My Life" I was hoping to find the audio but no luck.So I can email the lyrics to you if that is OK with you :):).

    1. Really? I mean, of course you can!!!. My email is

  6. OK screen shot then to you.
    I'm not sure if it's give my life or some other post
    Stagg Street Song