Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fourth World by Kara's Flowers

Album Cover
The Fourth World by Kara's Flowers (1997)

Track Listing:
1. Soap Disco
2. Future Kid
3. Myself
4. Oliver
5. The Never Saga 
6. Loving The Small Time
7. To Her With Love
8. Sleepy Windbreaker
9. Pantry Queen
10. My Ocean Blue
11. Captain Splendid
12. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson (Bonus Track)

CD case and inserts

Released: August 19, 1997
Length: 39:29
Label: Reprise Records
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop

The Fourth World is the second album by Kara's Flowers, although it was the first album released under a label. Expected to be a success by the band and label, it flopped, selling about 5000 copies. Their are two versions on the outcome. The first main version is that the band was dropped by the label. The second, stated by the band, goes like this,  "They played shows in almost every city in the country supporting their album.  Unfortunately, the single didn't take off at radio or MTV.  Rob Cavallo left Reprise records, and Kara's Flowers was left alone at the label.  Fortunately, the band was able to get out of it's contract with Reprise, and look for other interested labels."The album name comes from the realm in the movie Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson.

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