Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Like Digging? by Kara's Flowers


1. Peeler - 4:41
2. Give Me Love - 4:14
3. Mental Mind Fuck - 4:35
4. Stable - 4:17
5. Ray Pim - 2:48
6. Leave A Message - 6:14
7. Miner - 5:01
8. Dame Cabeza - 4:26
9. Clomb - 2:08
10. Genius - 5:29
11. Untitled - 12:58

Length: 55:52
Record Label: Self Released
Released: Fall 1995
Recorded during: July - August 1994
Recorded: In their friend's attic
Producer: Noah B. Dante Gershman

This album is the lesser known debut album by Kara's Flowers as not much was said about this album, not even by Kara's Flowers themselves. (Although Jesse Carmichael has stated that he wishes for us to listen to if we wish to view Kara's Flowers strange musical past.) Not to be confused with the demo tape "Post We Like Digging Demos", this album was self released by Kara's Flowers themselves around Brentwood High School and local Hollywood Clubs. Only 500 copies were made. The music itself is described as non-sense lyrics and garage/grunge rock.  
We Like Digging? Album Cover

What the back reads:
All songs by Kara's Flowers.
Produced by Noah B. Dante Gershman and Kara's Flowers.
Recorded at your mom's house - July and August 1994.
Engineered  by Noah Stacks and Petrie.
Mixed at Mccauley music - August and September 1994.
Mixed by Noah and Grover and Elmo.
Moused by the O. Genius.
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers , Philadelphia, USA.
A so many records endeavor. 
Inserts for the CD


  1. Do you know anywhere I would be able to buy this CD? Like, the physical album. Not a download. Any info would be great! Thanks

    1. Unfortunatley, only about 500 copies were made and sold, and most of these are in private collections. Very rarely do they pop up on eBay and if they do, they ask for a lot of money. If you live in the L.A. area where the members of KF lived, maybe in thrift shops or yard sales would you be able to buy one.

    2. Thanks anyway! I knew there were only a few hundred made. I was kind of just hoping to get lucky and find it somewhere :P
      Hell, maybe I'll even write some fan mail haha.

    3. Hey dude, there is a CD on eBay.

    4. I looked on this page and didn't find any downloads for this album or The Fourth World. If anyone could tell me where to download this album, that would be great.

  2. Here's another CD listed on eBay:

  3. Where is the download for this album?? I must listen!!