Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Room #222 Demos by Kara's Flowers

Room #222 Demos (Late 1994)
(Formerly known as We Like Digging In Our Friend's Attic and Post We Like Digging Demos)
Kara's Flowers (Circa-1994)
Track Listing:
1. On My Show
2. Angela
3. Dreammaker #222
4. Need Some Fun

After ...We Like Digging? was recorded, Kara's Flowers started giving them out to schoolmates and the album was well received by their friends. Kara's Flowers then decided to book a session at Room #222 and these demos were recorded. The period in which they recorded these demos is unsure, but ...We Like Digging? was released somewhere around October, so these demos were presumably recorded during November of 1994.


  1. Are there any cover artworks for this Room 222 Demos EP or the Four Track Demonstrations EP?

    1. I haven't really made anyway. I just got a random stock photo that looked cool and I've gotten used to it. Sorry mate.