Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four Track Demonstrations by Kara's Flowers

Four Track Demonstrations (1998)

Track Listing:
1. Someone More Comfortable
2. Vanessa 
3. Spoke With Kate (And She Said)
4. If You Only Knew (Acoustic)
5. The Kid With Velvet Eyes (Acoustic)
6. A Piano And Guitar Jam
7. Shayanni's Suprise
8. Feeling Slow
9. The Sentimental Programmer

Recorded during fall of 1998 by Adam and Jesse while attending Five Towns College. The album shows progression by Kara's Flowers as this tape hints at their fresh start and new sound. The album also shows songs that would later end up on Stagg Street Recordings such as If You Only Knew and The Kid With Velvet Eyes. Although some people say this is a Kara's Flowers demo tape, the band has stated that it is not by Kara's Flowers, but Adam and Jesse. The songs were written by both Adam and Jesse respectively. Even though this isn't a Kara's Flowers tape (as in where the whole band plays music), they still performed songs from this demo tape on their live set. The tape is called Four Track Demonstrations because, obviously, the songs were recorded on a four track.


  1. How do you know that the acoustic versions were part of the album (or even exist) if they aren't available anywhere?

    1. Because I have them and won't share them. Just kidding, I've checked websites from like 1999 and old fan club pages and it's confirmed that these songs do exist (along with lyrics for them). When we will hear them? I don't know.

  2. Haha ok. This may be a little off topic for this comment section but do you know if an EP by them called MCA demos exists and if it does what all songs are on it?

    1. They are demos KF recorded while looking for a record label. They were turned down though. I have no clue what the songs are though.

  3. Could you or somebody make an album art for this compilation like whoever did for the Fourth World B Sides? I generally like my music with the album artwork?

    1. Hi, the album art is done now, we will upload it on youtube in february 21.