Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kara's Flowers Tidbit #1

Sorry for not writing in this as often... I'm busy recording music and high school life and what not. I'm too busy to even update the Soundcloud page. So.... sometimes I get bored and have all night sessions looking at every website that mentions Kara's Flowers to find some information about their demos or songs or whatever. I always keep it to myself and then I realized, "I made this blog so I could share information and songs about Kara's Flowers!" So I guess this is going to be a thing now. Anyways, I found this interesting piece that Sam Farrar wrote while I was looking up random stuff....

we are talking 20 years at this point. we all grew up together in LA. played shows as teenagers. toured together. we lived in the same households. i still have the Kara’s Flowers’ first demo on a goddam cassette. 

Okay, so he has the first Kara's Flowers demo. That's cool. What's your point? My point is... as far as I know... the only thing by KF released on cassette was the Soap Disco single (which I am a proud owner of). Even then, we're talking about the first demo and I'm pretty sure ...We Like Digging? was their first demo. Either that was released on cassette, they made a demo before that (which we'll probably NEVER hear) or it's a slow news day. Probably the latter. If it's the middle one, hopefully they release some songs on their unofficial Kara's Flowers 20th Anniversary Deluxe CD Package (which will probably never come either). So, thanks for reading for this long. To make it up, here's some picture I found from 1994.