Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day In The Life (Out-take) (LYRICS) by Kara's Flowers

*The song is the last minute and 7 seconds of Everyday Goodbyes and is a cover of the song by The Beatles.

I read the news today, oh boy...
About a lucky man who made the grade...
(Messes up)
Fucking A, man...
I told you I was gonna run out of rhythm...
I read the news today, oh boy...
About a lucky man who made the grade...
And though the news was rather sad...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Post-Stagg Street Songs by Kara's Flowers

Track Listing:
1. July
2. However Whatever
3. Just Tell Me One Thing
4. Give My Life 
5. Keep Your Head
6. These Days
7. My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore
8. Creation(?)
9. Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker)
10. Chilly Winter
11. Funky(?)
12. The City Small (?)

These are songs recorded after Stagg Street Recordings. However, in some cases, some of the songs such as July or These Days are said to have been on Stagg Street Recordings demo CD. Whether this is true or not is unknown. All these songs were performed during fall of 1999.

July (also known as Punctuality in some cases) was first performed on July 17, 1999.

However Whatever:
Performed on the first time on Sept. 4, 1999 and described as a sensual and rudimentary song, the only existing lyrics are these; "Whatever you wanted this to be, I fear my dear you'll never see, I see the plastic in your eyes..."

Just Tell Me One Thing:
Described as a rock and roll song, not much is known about it.

Give My Life:
Described as a country-ish song, it was first performed on November 5, 1999 at the L.A. Farmer's Market.

Keep Your Head:
Nothing is known about this song, but it said to be have one of the most emotional lyrics ever written by Adam Levine.

These Days: 
Performed for the first time on Sept. 4, 1999.

My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore:
Performed for the first time on December 17, 1999 at The Whisky, it was later released on the 10th anniversary of the Songs About Jane disc.

As with Keep Your Head, not much is known about this song or if it exists. It may be another name for Just Tell Me One Thing or Keep Your head.

Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker):
According to an online chat with Mickey, this song is "an ancient demo from before SAJ it's highly unfinished". That only means that this must've been a KF song. This and the next two songs all come together in a way.

Chilly Winter:
In February of 2000, Kara's Flowers went with MCA records to record an album quality 3-track demo. This song along with possible songs like Locked Up, Take What You Want, Ragdoll and Funky may have been part of the tape, though it is unknown which songs were on the demo.

This song is described as nothing more than a myth. But if it exists, it is definitely a Kara's Flowers song made in their late years. It may have been part of the 3-track demo for the MCA demos.

The City Small:
The same applies to this song. Lyrics exist, although it is unknown whether or not these are actually by Maroon 5.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Room #222 Demos by Kara's Flowers

Room #222 Demos (Late 1994)
(Formerly known as We Like Digging In Our Friend's Attic and Post We Like Digging Demos)
Kara's Flowers (Circa-1994)
Track Listing:
1. On My Show
2. Angela
3. Dreammaker #222
4. Need Some Fun

After ...We Like Digging? was recorded, Kara's Flowers started giving them out to schoolmates and the album was well received by their friends. Kara's Flowers then decided to book a session at Room #222 and these demos were recorded. The period in which they recorded these demos is unsure, but ...We Like Digging? was released somewhere around October, so these demos were presumably recorded during November of 1994.

The Fourth World B-Sides by Kara's Flowers

The Fourth World B-Sides (1996-7)
(Formerly known as Post-Fourth World Demos)
The Unofficial Album Cover
Track Listing:

1. Yesterday When I Was Handsome    
2. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson
3. Angel In Blue Jeans
4. Come Talk With Me
5. Grave Condition
6. The Powers That Be

"We had about 17 songs we originally wanted to put on the album, but we narrowed it down to these 11. We tried to get a good variety dynamically, and we hope you like them."

It is unknown whether these were the 6 songs that were left off. Good Evening Dr. Nothing could also be part of this list, but who knows.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four Track Demonstrations by Kara's Flowers

Four Track Demonstrations (1998)

Track Listing:
1. Someone More Comfortable
2. Vanessa 
3. Spoke With Kate (And She Said)
4. If You Only Knew (Acoustic)
5. The Kid With Velvet Eyes (Acoustic)
6. A Piano And Guitar Jam
7. Shayanni's Suprise
8. Feeling Slow
9. The Sentimental Programmer

Recorded during fall of 1998 by Adam and Jesse while attending Five Towns College. The album shows progression by Kara's Flowers as this tape hints at their fresh start and new sound. The album also shows songs that would later end up on Stagg Street Recordings such as If You Only Knew and The Kid With Velvet Eyes. Although some people say this is a Kara's Flowers demo tape, the band has stated that it is not by Kara's Flowers, but Adam and Jesse. The songs were written by both Adam and Jesse respectively. Even though this isn't a Kara's Flowers tape (as in where the whole band plays music), they still performed songs from this demo tape on their live set. The tape is called Four Track Demonstrations because, obviously, the songs were recorded on a four track.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

These Days (LYRICS) by Kara's Flowers

These Days:
Is there any hatred in your heart these days?..
Is there any violence in your eyes?..
Everybody's looking for a better place..
Everywhere is a good one in disguise...

Someone's waging war on everything I love...
We're all in the trenches laying low...
A friend of mine walks up to me, whispers in my ear...
"Is this how you pictured it?", and I say "No."
"Can you believe it?",and I say "No."

There will be no more turning back...
How does it feel to be attacked?..
These days are mine, I want them back...

Tell me do you think about yourself these days?..
Do you pick yourself up off the ground?..
A friend of mine walks up to me, whispers in my ear,..
"Sometimes I think we're all joined down."

There will be no more turning back...
How does it feel to be attacked?...
These days are mine, I want them back...

There will be no more turning back...
How does it feel to be attacked?...
These days are ours, we want them back...

Kara's Flowers Pictures

           Kara's Flowers Pictures (For Your Entertainment) 
Kara's Flowers group shot promo (1997)
Jesse performing at The Glass House (9-25-99)

Adam and Jesse (Nov. 12,1999)
Ryan Dusick playing drums (1999)

Adam at The Glass House (3-31-99)
Adam Levine as a junior
Mickey Madden as a junior
Jesse Carmichael as a junior
Kara's Flowers @ The Whiskys
Ryan on drums

The band performing at a concert
Adam Levine and the band (1994)
Adam Levine playing guitar
Mickey and Amanda & The AquaBats

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fourth World by Kara's Flowers

Album Cover
The Fourth World by Kara's Flowers (1997)

Track Listing:
1. Soap Disco
2. Future Kid
3. Myself
4. Oliver
5. The Never Saga 
6. Loving The Small Time
7. To Her With Love
8. Sleepy Windbreaker
9. Pantry Queen
10. My Ocean Blue
11. Captain Splendid
12. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson (Bonus Track)

CD case and inserts

Released: August 19, 1997
Length: 39:29
Label: Reprise Records
Producer: Rob Cavallo
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop

The Fourth World is the second album by Kara's Flowers, although it was the first album released under a label. Expected to be a success by the band and label, it flopped, selling about 5000 copies. Their are two versions on the outcome. The first main version is that the band was dropped by the label. The second, stated by the band, goes like this,  "They played shows in almost every city in the country supporting their album.  Unfortunately, the single didn't take off at radio or MTV.  Rob Cavallo left Reprise records, and Kara's Flowers was left alone at the label.  Fortunately, the band was able to get out of it's contract with Reprise, and look for other interested labels."The album name comes from the realm in the movie Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stagg Street Recordings by Kara's Flowers

by Kara's Flowers (1999). 
 Producer: Ken Allandyce
 Released: Fall of 1999
 Label: Self-Released

Track Listing:
1. If You Only Knew
2. The Fog
3. Simple Kind of Lovely
4. The Great Getaway
5. Good At Being Gone
6. Not Falling Apart
7. The Kid With Velvet Eyes
8. As Things Collide
9. Everyday Goodbyes
10. A Day In The Life (Outtake)

A more clearer version of the cover

Recorded during spring of 1999 and released during fall of 1999. This could be considered as an official self-released album along with We Like Digging?.
Although  it's probably more of an EP. The album name comes from the studio is was recorded inStagg Street Studios.




Despite what some may think, the picture to the right is not the album cover. It's not from the same era as when Stagg Street Recordings was recorded. If you go to the Kara's Flowers Reprise Website and go to photo archive, and click on the picture "glitter" you'll find the same picture, but in better quality.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Like Digging? by Kara's Flowers


1. Peeler - 4:41
2. Give Me Love - 4:14
3. Mental Mind Fuck - 4:35
4. Stable - 4:17
5. Ray Pim - 2:48
6. Leave A Message - 6:14
7. Miner - 5:01
8. Dame Cabeza - 4:26
9. Clomb - 2:08
10. Genius - 5:29
11. Untitled - 12:58

Length: 55:52
Record Label: Self Released
Released: Fall 1995
Recorded during: July - August 1994
Recorded: In their friend's attic
Producer: Noah B. Dante Gershman

This album is the lesser known debut album by Kara's Flowers as not much was said about this album, not even by Kara's Flowers themselves. (Although Jesse Carmichael has stated that he wishes for us to listen to if we wish to view Kara's Flowers strange musical past.) Not to be confused with the demo tape "Post We Like Digging Demos", this album was self released by Kara's Flowers themselves around Brentwood High School and local Hollywood Clubs. Only 500 copies were made. The music itself is described as non-sense lyrics and garage/grunge rock.  
We Like Digging? Album Cover

What the back reads:
All songs by Kara's Flowers.
Produced by Noah B. Dante Gershman and Kara's Flowers.
Recorded at your mom's house - July and August 1994.
Engineered  by Noah Stacks and Petrie.
Mixed at Mccauley music - August and September 1994.
Mixed by Noah and Grover and Elmo.
Moused by the O. Genius.
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers , Philadelphia, USA.
A so many records endeavor. 
Inserts for the CD

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kara's Flowers Chronology

*Sorry for the not updated page. Make what you can of this page and someday it'll be more up-to-date. (1-5-14, still not updated. I suck at my job...)

*Between 1992 and beginning of 1994, Kara's Flowers used the monikers "Edible Nuns", "Mostly Men" and The Rondabouts*

February 6, 1994 - Kara's Flowers is formed 
July - August 1994 - We Like Digging? is recorded
Fall 1994 - We Like Digging is self-released
Late Fall 1994 - The Room #222 Demos are recorded and released amongst their friends

January 1, 1995 - Three song demo tape is made ( Loving the Small Time, Future Kid, and Pantry Queen.)
September 16, 1995 - Kara's Flowers play their first gig at the Whisky a Go Go

???? - The Omad demos are recorded.
???? - The songs for The Fourth World (Also includes B-Sides) are written.

August 19, 1997 - The Fourth World is released                       
November 19, 1997 - Kara's Flowers is interviewed in Morning Becomes Eclectic and Good Evening Dr. Nothing is performed.

Fall 1998 -  Four Track Demonstrations is recorded

Spring 1999 - Stagg Street Recordings is recorded.
Early Summer 1999 - Stagg Street Recordings is released.
Fall 1999 - Throughout many concerts, enough new songs are performed to create the Post-Stagg Street Songs album page.

???? - The demos of what would became the album hit "Songs About Jane" are recorded
???? -  The search for a record deal began.

May 23, 2001 - Last show is played at The Viper Room

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kara's Flowers Website


Here's the Kara's Flowers Website;
Official Kara's Flowers Website

Here's from when they where with Reprise Records;
Kara's Flowers (Reprise Records)

And if you want to see their fanclub...
Kara's Flowers "Flowers For All"

Here's a link to a fan-made page of Kara's Flowers
A Simple Kind of Kara's Flowers
Just click the icon in the middle.