Friday, December 21, 2012

Kara's Flowers Discography (Complete)

...We Like Digging? (1994): 
1. Peeler
...We Like Digging?
2. Give Me Love
4. Stable
7. Miner
9. Clomb
10. Genius

Room #222 Demos (1994):   
1. On My Show
1. Angel In Blue Jeans
The Fourth World
2. Come Talk With Me
3. Grave Condition
4. The Powers That Be
5. Yesterday When I Was Handsome
6. Good Evening Dr Nothing
7. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson

The Fourth World (1997):
1. Soap Disco
2. Future Kid
3. Myself
4. Oliver
5. The Never Saga
6. Loving The Small Time
7. To Her, With Love
8. Sleepy Windbreaker
9. Pantry Queen
10. My Ocean Blue
11. Captain Splendid
12. Buddy Two Shoes Wilson (Bonus Japanese Track)

Four-Track Demonstration (1998):
1. If You Only Knew 
2. The Fog
3. Simple Kind of Lovely
4. The Great Getaway
5. Good at Being Gone
6. Not Falling Apart
7. The Kid with the Velvet Eyes
8. As Things Collide
9. Everyday Goodbyes
10. A Day in the Life (Out-take)
1. July
2. However Whatever  
3. Just Tell Me One Thing
4. Give My Life
5. Keep Your Head
6. These Days
7. My Heart Won't Be Your Ragdoll Anymore
8. Creation  
9. Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker)
10. Chilly Winter
11. Funky
12. The City Small


  1. I love Kara's flowers! just curious where you find their songs? :)

    1. A guy I know acquired most of these songs through LimeWire. The We Like Digging? CD he bought from eBay and should come soon. Some of the songs like most of the Post Stagg Street songs we have no record of.

  2. Thanks dude !! The only page I could find about Kara's Flowers. Got all this songs now thanks !!

    1. No problem dude. I had the same problem when trying to look up info about Kara's Flowers a year ago, so I made this blog.