Friday, April 12, 2013

Links To Every Kara's Flowers Song (That We Have)

Here, we have links to songs by KF. If there is a (*), that means we don't have it. If there is a (#), that means you have to contact us for us to send it to you.
...We Like Digging? (1994)
01. Peeler
02. Give Me Love
03. Mental Mind Fuck
04. Stable
05. Ray Pim
06. Leave A Message
07. Miner
08. Dame Cabeza
09. Clomb
10. Genius
11. Untitled

Room #222 Demos (1994)
01. On My Show 
02. Angela
03. Dreammaker #222
04. Need Some Fun

The First KF Show @ The Whisky's (1995) 
01. Heads On Them (#)
02. Give Me Love (#)
03. Mental Mind Fuck (#)
04. Clomb (#)
05. Leave A Message (#)

The Fourth World B-Sides (1996-1997)
01. Angel In Blue Jeans
02. Come Talk With Me
03. Grave Condition
04. The Powers That Be
05. Buddy Two-Shoes Wilson
06. Yesterday When I Was Handsome
07. Good Evening Dr. Nothing

The Fourth World (1997)
01. Soap Disco
02. Future Kid
03. Myself
04. Oliver
05. The Never Saga
06. Loving The Small Time
07. To Her With Love
08. Sleepy Windbreaker
09. Pantry Queen
10. My Ocean Blue
11. Captain Splendid

Edgefest '97 (1997)
01. Soap Disco (*)
02. We Are The Champions (#)

Live On KCRW Radio (1997)
(It should be noted that it comes with the whole interview)
01. Loving The Small Time (#)
02. Future Kid (#)
03. My Ocean Blue (#)
04. Good Evening Dr. Nothing (Same version as the one from TFW B-Sides) (#)

Four Track Demonstrations (1998)
01. Someone More Comfortable
02. Vanessa
03. Spoke With Kate (And She Said)
04. If You Only Knew (Acoustic Version) (*)
05. The Kid With Velvet Eyes (Acoustic Version) (*)
06. A Piano And Guitar Jam
07. Shayanni's Surprise
08. Feeling Slow
09. The Sentimental Programmer

Stagg Street Recordings (1999)
01. If You Only Knew
02. The Fog
03. Simple Kind Of Lovely
04. The Great Getaway
05. Good At Being Gone
06. Not Falling Apart
07. The Kid With Velvet Eyes
08. As Things Collide
09. Everyday Goodbyes
10. A Day In The Life (Hidden Track)
Post Stagg Street Songs (1999) 
01. July  
02. However Whatever(*)
03. Just Tell Me One Thing (*)
04. Give My Life (*)
05. Keep Your Head (*)
06. These Days  
07. Ragdoll  
08. Creation(?)(*)
09. Locked Up (Pleasure Fucker)  
10. Chilly Winter  
11. Funky(?)(*)
12. The City Small(?)(*)

Kara's Flowers (LIVE)
01. Everyday Goodbyes (#)
02. The Fog (#)


  1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much!! much! much! much!
    But can i have the songs that has "#" marks?

    1. Sorry for taking forever to respond. I have all this school work, anyways, they should be on our SoundCloud page.

  2. Can you please reupload Chilly Winter? The link is invalid. Thank You.

    1. Sorry, I didn't see this before since it was filed under spam. Well, I can't link the download or so it appears, but just look up Chilly Winter and go to YouTube to MP3. That's all I can do..

  3. I've listen to Stagg Street Recording before and I heard a rough cover of a Beatles song at the end of one song. I can't seem to find what song is that now. Do you happen to know what was it?

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  5. why do some songs have a question mark

  6. Hi could you please send me funky

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