Monday, April 8, 2013

To All Kara's Flowers/Maroon 5 Fans Out There (Including Newbies)

If you could take one moment to read this, "Yeah, that would be great....". Me and a friend are in desperate search for completing the whole Kara's Flowers discography so that each and everyone of you including us can enjoy ourselves. However, we need the following songs to complete our discography;

• However Whatever
• Just Tell Me One Thing
• Give My Life
• Keep Your Head
• Creation
• Funky (If it exists...)
• If You Only Knew (Four Track Acosutic version)
• The Kid With Velvet Eyes (Four Track Acoustic version)
• The City Small
• It's U (M5 Song) 
• Revenge Of The Killer Toys
* Or any live version of any KF song that's not on YouTube.

(We already have;)
- The Fog
- Everyday Goodbyes
- We Are The Champions

Now getting these songs would be easy back in 1999 with Napster and everyone in contact, but with the coming of age and now-defunct emails, it's impossible to find these songs. But these songs were shares with other people....So I'm hoping that maybe those other people are reading this with the songs intact and ready for listening. I beg you please, help a brother out. I'm doing this for everyone. So help me out...thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day.


  1. I have a few that I haven't seen mentioned on this site or youtube, let me know if they are new to you :)

    - We Are the Champions (Live Cover)
    - The Fog (Live)
    - Everyday Goodbyes (Live)
    - The Whole Morning Eclectic show with other live songs, Future Kid, Loving the Small Time, My Ocean Blue

  2. If anyone has any of the songs in he post, contact me at